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At HVD Life Sciences, we partner with industry-leading manufacturers to offer a wide range of high quality products that enable our customers to accomplish scientific advancements.

Shown below is the entire HVD Life Sciences portfolio. For more specific information, select your country of residence and/or the area of interest.

Shown below is the entire HVD Life Sciences portfolio for Austria. For more specific information, select your  area of interest.

TestLine develops and manufactures high-quality diagnostic products for both human and veterinary use.
TestLine belongs to the BioVendor Group since 2012 and offers more than 200 products focused in the field of infectious serology and immunology. The ELISA and BLOT tests of TestLine are available to you through HVD Life Sciences.
These include sales of diagnostic kits, automated instruments and expert support so that you will never be on your own.


The most widespread and cost effective diagnostic screening method. TestLine commits itself to provide the highest quality in both diagnostic performance and ease of use.
Majority of TestLine EIA kits are also available in the Agility® SmartKits® gold format that enables a full automation of the assay from sample preparation to final results.

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Both single and multiplex technology that is offering extreme efficiency based on high precision spotting and detection using a sensitive colorimetric array reader.
Through its single well capacity, the Microblot-Array enables comprehensive opportunities that shall be used within all of the available ranges.

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Semi-quantitative strip test easily performed manually in any laboratory.

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NEW! TestLine COVID-19 products

A new generation of a unique immunoblot array in the form of microtiter plate for effective multiplex diagnostics. It enables parallel testing of multiple markers simultaneously with analysis of up to 96 samples per plate with low sample consumption.
Used antigens: NP, RBD, S2, ACE2, E. PLPro, MERS-CoV, SARS-CoV. HCoV 229 Np, and HCoV NL63.
For monitoring antibodies after vaccination and infection

EIA COVID-19 RBD - Anti-RBD antibodies significantly correlates with the formation of neutralizing antibodies. It can be used for monitoring antibodies after vaccination.
EIA COVID-19 NP - The presence of anti-NP antibodies is important for the diagnosis of post-infectious immunity.
The kits are available in SmartEIA format designed for automated processing and evaluation using the Agility® analyzer.

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